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Recycling & Recovery
The PVC Flooring industry has been thriving to always increase efficiency and sustainability. This results in high quality products designed for a range of different markets (vinyl floor coverings for residential and commercial markets).

Nearly all production waste (e.g. trimmings and off grade products) is reused in the process, this objective being achieved by the constant efforts of the industry.
Collection Initiatives
Key to recycling is the set-up of a Europe wide network of collection points. Those are organised and encouraged throughout our national EPFLOOR schemes.
About Us
The European PVC Flooring Manufacturers ("EPFLOOR") mission is to recycle increasing quantities of Post-Consumer PVC flooring waste in Western Europe.

EPFLOOR membership is composed of all the major Western European PVC flooring manufacturers representing over 90% of the production.

EPFLOOR is part of the VinylPlus initiative, the PVC industry Voluntary Commitment
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